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Beard and Male Grooming

It is no longer a secret for anyone: the beard is a seduction tool that should be cultivated day after day. Whether cured or messy, geometric or extravagant, the beard always likes it and as long as it lasts it is worth taking advantage of it.

Without settling down too much though, because the long beard will like it too, but it must not be literally uneducated. With small tricks you can always have it flawless, as confirmed by Emanuele Giannini, Business Manager of Bullfrog, a barbershop chain with several stores in Italy, where the art of shaving Italian barbers meets the atmosphere of North American “street” shops. Here are its 10 rules.

The beard has always been among the most popular fashions by men of all time and having it long is the trend of the moment. But, in order for it to be truly glamorous, it is essential to take care of it. To have a flawless beard it is necessary that it is beautiful and in order and, to do this, you must wash it, cut it and brush it. In this article we will try to explain all the beauty tricks on how to treat the beard, using ad hoc techniques and following some simple rules. Here are 8 tips for a perfect beard.

If you are looking for tips on how to cut your beard to make it grow well, please refer to the article we wrote about it by clicking the link above, otherwise follow the guide on how to cut your beard with a razor blade to avoid scratches ?

How to cure Beard: Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Beard

And now that I have introduced you to the topic, armed with paper and pen to steal all our secrets and learn how to treat beards, how to define beards and what products to use for everyday care, plus a secret bonus that will give you I will only reveal at the end of the article. Dear you, happy reading

Before explaining in more detail the different types just mentioned, try to recognize the category that belongs to you.
Stand in front of the mirror and see which shape of your face belongs to you. In this way you can establish the style and shape of the beard that suits you best.

The beard, in fact, in addition to being an undisputed symbol of male virility, can greatly enhance the face of the man who wears it. An impeccably cut beard literally sculpts the man’s face making his lips and eyes stand out, hiding slight imperfections and enhancing his strengths. So it is better to grow it properly; let’s find out now which style best matches your face type.

This type of face is substantially thin, and it is called this because the forehead and chin – in most cases – are stretched. If you intend to grow a thick and long beard, remember that you could run the risk of lengthening the shape of the face even more.

The perfect style in this case is that of a sparse beard, neither too cared for nor too unkempt, which grows on cheeks, sideburns and around the mouth. A sparse beard is very trendy and represents an excellent compromise to give balance to the face, characterizing it even more.

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