Even for men the question of physical fitness is linked to aesthetics so much so that a widespread and felt need is that of how to eliminate wide hips in a man. What, in a rather colorful way, are called love handles, are a serious problem for men, not just for beauty.

The handles of love, or the accumulation of fat on the hips
The tendency to accumulate fat on the hips is widespread in men. This phenomenon is too often analyzed only from an aesthetic point of view, and less from the fundamentally more important one: that is, that relating to health. Having wide hips in a man is such a condition that promotes the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases. For this reason it is important not to underestimate this condition and to do your best with exercises to slim your hips.

How to reduce the hips

If you are wondering how to lose a man’s hips, it is important to know that there is no single answer. There are exercises for the hips useful to dispose of the extra pounds in a man, but these are not the only solution. For this reason, nutrition and the choice of a correct and balanced lifestyle is also essential against wide hips, also useful to avoid frustrating the efforts made with sport and diet.

Sports and nutrition
It may seem repetitive, but if you want to find out how to eliminate the handles of love, you must not give in to the temptation of particular solutions: exercise and proper nutrition are and remain the best therapies for the treatment of blemishes (also in men) and for the improvement of one’s health conditions.

What to eat

The diet is, for any type of physical condition, the best weapon to prevent sub-optimal physical conditions and to keep your body in shape, even with advancing age. In the case of wide hips in men it is good to move towards a varied diet, which does not exclude anything and does not enhance or demonize this or that food. In this sense, even the so-called food trends can prove to be very deleterious, both because of the exasperations they are promoting, and because they quickly turn enthusiasm into discouragement, with all the bad consequences of the case.

A good method is to make use of a correct and complete food program, which contemplates what to eat at any time of the day without giving in to improvisation.

Exercises for wide hips
Among the remedies for wide hips, exercises are one of the most effective activities, especially if accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. The exercises allow not only to remove a few extra pounds from the man’s belly and hips, but also to firm the abdomen and have an enviable physical shape.

Let’s then see how to lose weight on the hips by analyzing the main localized slimming exercises, that is, the one aimed at reducing fat in that area of ​​the body. The recommended physical activities are those of running and using the bicycle, to which the main cardio exercises can be added.

Simple exercises to do at home are those of step-ups, squats and those of lifting the legs. The latter exercise can be done lying on the floor (perhaps using a fitness mat) on one side or on the back (or doing both versions), lift one leg and hold it in this position for about 1-2 seconds, to repeat this movement at least 15/20 times for both legs. Similar exercise is to lift one leg in the air, always for at least 15/20 repetitions, perhaps gradually adding weights to the ankles to increase intensity.



How to choose the best men’s slippers: features, advice, bestseller ranking – At the end of the day if you are away from home all day, you can’t wait to come back and finally take off your shoes, especially if you have been standing for a long time. In order not to go barefoot around the house and get cold on your feet, it is always good to have comfortable and warm slippers.

We can find men’s slippers available in a wide variety of styles and materials, so finding the right ones easily may not be as immediate as you might think, if you are not satisfied with just any pair of slippers.

To find the right men’s slippers for you you will need to consider several factors such as the size that best suits your foot, the type of slipper, the material used, which cushioning gives the sole of the foot when walking and other features that we will see better during of this guide on how to choose the best men’s slippers.

If you are looking for the best we are here to help you and in this guide you will find lots of useful information, advice, the most important features that you should consider to be able to find the right men’s slippers for you.

Choosing the best men’s slippers will lead to a whole series of advantages. Here are the most important that can be had from their use:

Greater comfort: walking in the house barefoot is not the best if you have to put your feet on cold and hard tiles. With a pair of sufficiently cushioned men’s slippers, walking on the floor will be much more pleasant

More safety: to have greater grip on the floor, many men’s slippers have a rubber sole that prevents the foot from slipping even when walking on smooth floors at home
They reduce the chances of infection: walking barefoot in the house can lead to bacteria and fungi that could cause infections. Wearing a pair of slippers allows you to protect your foot from infections, while remaining in excellent health

They prevent colds and flu: keeping your feet warm helps the human body keep cold and flu away. Slippers when worn and if well padded prevent the foot from cooling down, consequently you will have less chance of getting sick

The floors will be cleaner: slippers should only be used inside the home and if not in exceptional cases and if created for this purpose outside the home. This is why slippers are ideal for use inside the house, in this way, unlike normal shoes that are used to go outside in the courtyard or on the street, the floors and diffused bacteria will not be dirty. Choosing the best men’s slippers will give you the opportunity to walk around the house with the certainty that the floors will always remain clean
You can choose the best men’s slippers from different types: men’s slippers open behind and those that are closed behind, then there are the sandal and boot models. Let’s better see how they differ in particular:

Men’s slippers open behind: this type of slipper covers the toes and the upper part of the foot, while the heel remains uncovered. This type of slipper is considered the easiest to put on your feet

Men’s slipper closed behind: in this case the slipper covers the toes, the upper part of the foot and also the heel, wrapping the foot completely. Aesthetically, this type of slipper could remind you of a type of shoe like the moccasin

Sandal type men’s slipper: it is a slipper that due to its shape resembles a sandal in that it keeps the toe and heel open. Some models may remember flip flops, but padded, others still may have material that covers the top of the foot

Men’s slipper boot: it is a men’s slipper that remains completely closed from the toe to the heel. The slipper reaches up to the ankle, remembering just for this particular a boot. These men’s slippers generally have a lining made of fleece, shearling or eco-fur to provide greater warmth to the foot once worn

If you want to choose the best men’s slippers you will surely be pleased to know some of their characteristics to consider for the choice. Here are the most important:


Hairy arms Men How to deal with it

I have a watch on my left wrist that clashes too much with the hair that invades my arms and the back of my hand; the urgency to know how to depilate the arms by discarding traumatizing methods has pushed me to discover the beard trimmer.

I have many moles on my skin and I must be absolutely careful not to ‘touch’ them too much, but the desire to remove those hairs from my skin will take it to my grave, with or without a watch.

My hair is dark and thick, very evident. Of course, if a pop star left them as they are, they would be praised for their originality and spirit of provocation, but I am a simple employee.

A colleague often teased me in front of others saying, “Have you ever seen a gorilla wearing a watch? There he is!”. Okay, we all burst out laughing, but at the same time I swallowed a nice big toad.
Then, one fine day, I stopped thinking and went into action.

I started to thin out my arms but ‘wiping’ my skin with the beard trimmer is so fast, easy, safe and also fun that I went on to my legs and chest. The evolution took place in the middle of summer, of course.

I didn’t get rid of it because I had lost my self-esteem: all the women I know love the hairy man but, more macho and masculine, but when I decide something, I do it because it goes to me, not to indulge others.

It wouldn’t have scared me to try waxing, I can stand the pain well, but I was looking for a ‘clean’ method that would not traumatize my skin. I have moles, they are always there and they look like many eyes that warn me: “Don’t try to touch us too much or pay dearly”.

The razor (electric or, worse, manual) didn’t help me much: I cut myself regularly, I can’t perfectly measure the pressure when I pass it. Once, I risked hurting one of my moles (I almost heard the screams of terror of the wink: “Be careful, kill me, then I take revenge!”).

In summary: the traditional razor no, the waxing no, pulsed light and laser no (I don’t trust, I don’t know how my moles might react). The depilatory cream stinks and has created problems for me with ingrown hair: and then, it is chemical stuff that is not good for my moles and even for my skin.

Trimmer. It is the only chance, at least for now. I bought a Panasonic ER-GB80 beard trimmer and hair clipper, the most versatile apparently: the other models, in general, start from a minimum cutting of 2 mm, my part from half a millimeter to reach a length of 20 mm, good for my beard.

With 38 available adjustments I can cut, shorten, define with the trimmer and finish all the hairs I have, in any area of ​​the body and face. For the arms, I use the regulator comb for the body (an accessory supplied): it checks the length of the hairs, raises them to allow a precision cut and speed up the whole operation.

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Men hands how to have it perfectly groomed

Hands can seduce, caress, explore, play, invent. In short, they are always in the foreground and can betray our most secret personality. In fact, even the hands “speak”: just observe a political leader to understand how many nuances are communicated perhaps more with gestures than with words.

And women evaluate them carefully, even making them an erotic symbol: among the stars of cinema, Di Caprio is remembered for his clear gaze,

Rupert Everett for his dark charm, Nicholas Cage for his tender air. But the long and sensual hands of Jeremy Irons also breach the hearts of the spectators. Rightly, therefore, men today take more care of them: a good manicure is now a normal practice as a haircut, and putting on a cream to soften a daily gesture (as long as it does not grease: everyone has a horror of sticky things, but the most are absorbed immediately).

Fortunately: because the skin of the hands ages five times more than that of the face, ten times more than the body. The remedy is to defend them as much as possible by protecting them from aggression, because it is an area of ​​the body poor in sebaceous glands, therefore more dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to use some precautions and resort to specific hand care products.

Do not wash them with too hot or too cold water, and be careful that the detergents are not overly aggressive: they must clean, but not crack the skin.

Before going out, pass a thin layer of hand cream on the back and around the nails, choosing a light product, with a moisturizing factor and sunscreen, which also serves to treat chapped hands.

If your hands turn red with the cold, make a habit of not leaving the house without gloves.

However, wear gloves when doing domestic tasks or “do it yourself” jobs, and choose the ones that best suit the type of task you are facing.

For gardening, for example, they must be soft on the palm and possibly reinforced on the back.
When the first dark spots appear on the backs of the hands (an inevitable phenomenon over the years) use a specific anti-aging men cream product to be spread regularly every evening.

But also remember the natural remedies: the inside of the lemon peel bleaches the skin. It does not eliminate the spots of senile keratosis, but completely removes those left by some types of fruit or artichokes and is a very effective tonic for nails.

For nicotine stains, so unsightly, a very frequent use is needed, insisting on the yellowed points.

Last but not least, the problem of odors. With the hands you work, then they come into contact with substances that leave pleasant olfactory traces. For example, after a dinner with spaghetti with garlic and oil, rub them with fresh parsley leaves.

Alternatively, after drinking the coffee, recover the funds and rub them on the back and palms, before washing your hands.

Of course, avoid eating them: broken, often cut nails, as well as being horrible to look at, betray an insecure personality.

Finally, remember that the nails are the mirror of our body (by their color or state you can understand the health of an individual), for this a massage at the ends is invigorating for the whole body. By self-massaging your hands, and in particular your fingers, where tensions build up, you get a pleasant sense of tranquility.

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Tips for perfect hands

Although the hands of a man have always been admired by women, the man has been disinterested in hand care. Fortunately in a society where man begins to worry about himself by taking better care of his appearance and body, man’s manicure begins to get the importance it deserves. After all, well-groomed and perfect hands are always a good business card and often turn out to be a weapon of seduction.

The man manicure is much simpler than you think, for this reason we have thought of writing an article that shows you all the useful steps to make a perfect man manicure by revealing some tricks that could prove important.

When to do the man manicure

Taking care of the hands means dedicating the right attention and the right time to him. Therefore, man’s manicure or hand care must not be a sporadic event, but must take place regularly. We would like to clarify that the first time you will do the manicure it will certainly take some time, but practicing it once a week will take you a few minutes.

Manicure man: what you absolutely must not do

Before pointing out the useful steps for a perfect man manicure, we want to highlight that if you tend to eat the nails you must first try not to do it. Many men give up having perfect hands and doing manicures because they eat nails. Eating your nails as well as making your hands look poorly groomed and aesthetically ugly, can lead to various irritations and infections of the nails that sometimes need specific remedies.

Nothing more wrong, in short! It is possible to stop biting your nails, acquiring goodwill, tenacity and adopting the tricks that we have shown you in this article: Nail Biting: How to Stop! Follow our advice to the letter and in no time you will have perfect nails that you can take care of.

How to do the DIY man manicure
So let’s get to explain you how to do the manicure. Are you ready? Let’s begin! It is much more simple than you think.

Wash your hands
The first thing you need to do is wash your hands or keep them soaking. Actually you have two possibilities:

Prepare a small bowl with tipieda water and keep your hands soaking for about five minutes;
Just take a hot shower, and get ready for a DIY man manicure.

Do not cut the cuticles
Many think that the cuticles are to be cut, in reality it is absolutely not like that! Do not, therefore, make the mistake of cutting the cuticles, you would do nothing but encourage the appearance of irritation and the development of cuticles that could cause pain. The cuticles are not cut! On the contrary, soften the nails using oil and with an orange wood stick, gently push them towards the nail attachment.

man manicure

Don’t cut your nails
Another mistake you shouldn’t make is to cut man nails. We explain better! The manicured nails of a man must not have a white arch, i.e. their length must reach the height of the fingers. The nail clipper would surely help to shorten the nails, but they would still be irregular and would not be well delineated.

man manicure

File your nails with the buffer

After explaining how to manage the cuticles and why not cut the nails we can finally explain how and why to use the manicure buffer. The buffer is a slightly spongy white parallelepiped that will help you file your nails. Very easy and practical to use, with the buffer you can smooth the surface of the nails and file them. Remember not to rub your nails quickly and forcefully, but gently and paying attention to the type of nail length you want, so as not to damage the nails.

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Male feet Tips and Hints

The feet not only support us and make us walk, but they are also the part of the body full of reflex points. If women are more likely to take care of them also for aesthetic reasons, male feet must be equally protected. The simplest tips are to massage them regularly and to warm them up a bit before starting to make a movement.

Unfortunately, the feet are often among the first to suffer. When we walk a lot, when we buy shoes that are too tight, when we can’t get them to breathe properly. They are also – like the hands – the extremities that cool down first.

In short, male feet (like female ones) are complex and therefore it is right that they enjoy the same benefits and the same attention as other parts of the body. The feet are always at risk of infections (such as fungi), but also of swelling in case of poor circulation.

Giving so much importance to the feet could not fail to lead also to the interest of various disciplines, starting with the oriental ones, to give maximum relaxation to those who carry us around and is made up of 26 bones that support all loads. Because the feet were the reason why we assumed an upright position and a vertical posture.

Male feet: yes to hygiene, always dry them after washing them
Male feet: yes to hygiene, always dry them after washing them


Male feet are therefore full of nervous trunks and intrinsic and extrinsic musculature. We can consider the foot a true masterpiece of engineering by mother nature.

Which, unfortunately, as mentioned, is often prey to ailments or real pathologies. For example, the hallux valgus, the big toe, various deformities of the fingers, Morton’s neuroma (chronic irritation of the interdigital nerves of the feet), plantar fasciitis, the spinal heel and sprains.

Taking care of your feet is therefore an obligation rather than a necessity. You can start by going to a professional who will take care of the curative pedicure, in case of calluses, calluses, partridge eyes and ingrown nails. In the long run, in fact, those who seem small annoyances end up fatiguing the whole body if you do not intervene in time. In the long run, we end up assuming an incorrect posture.

However, it is not necessary to take care of your feet only if there are problems. In this case, the beauty center or spa is the right one. And don’t think that only women go there. A massage will relax your feet and therefore also your psyche.

Other tips to treat male feet is to wash them with natural cleansers, remembering to dry them well, and cut the nails correctly.

Male feet: there is a natural remedy also for bad smell
Feet: there is a natural remedy also for bad smell


Male feet can be treated very well with absolutely natural remedies. Unfortunately, there are people who suffer because their feet give off a bad smell. But diet helps: eliminate white flours and yeasts (the cause in plantar reflexology is associated with dysbiosis). Pure hypothyroidism and diabetes can affect odor. If there is no pathology behind the bad smell, then home remedies are very useful: foot baths based on baking soda, vinegar, black tea, a sage or parsley based decoction. Salt can be added to the water. Another decoction that works is ginger.

If the problem is swelling in the feet, it is better to eliminate dry and salt-rich foods, to use smoothies (without milk). Or oilseeds (almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds). We have seen that corns and calluses can be treated by professionals, but also at home with lavender or geranium essential oils. To be applied after the foot bath. Or take a chamomile-based foot bath. It is always better to add two tablespoons of coarse salt to the hot water for the foot bath and leave the feet immersed for 20 minutes.

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Beard and Male Grooming

It is no longer a secret for anyone: the beard is a seduction tool that should be cultivated day after day. Whether cured or messy, geometric or extravagant, the beard always likes it and as long as it lasts it is worth taking advantage of it.

Without settling down too much though, because the long beard will like it too, but it must not be literally uneducated. With small tricks you can always have it flawless, as confirmed by Emanuele Giannini, Business Manager of Bullfrog, a barbershop chain with several stores in Italy, where the art of shaving Italian barbers meets the atmosphere of North American “street” shops. Here are its 10 rules.

The beard has always been among the most popular fashions by men of all time and having it long is the trend of the moment. But, in order for it to be truly glamorous, it is essential to take care of it. To have a flawless beard it is necessary that it is beautiful and in order and, to do this, you must wash it, cut it and brush it. In this article we will try to explain all the beauty tricks on how to treat the beard, using ad hoc techniques and following some simple rules. Here are 8 tips for a perfect beard.

If you are looking for tips on how to cut your beard to make it grow well, please refer to the article we wrote about it by clicking the link above, otherwise follow the guide on how to cut your beard with a razor blade to avoid scratches ?

How to cure Beard: Ultimate Guide for a Perfect Beard

And now that I have introduced you to the topic, armed with paper and pen to steal all our secrets and learn how to treat beards, how to define beards and what products to use for everyday care, plus a secret bonus that will give you I will only reveal at the end of the article. Dear you, happy reading

Before explaining in more detail the different types just mentioned, try to recognize the category that belongs to you.
Stand in front of the mirror and see which shape of your face belongs to you. In this way you can establish the style and shape of the beard that suits you best.

The beard, in fact, in addition to being an undisputed symbol of male virility, can greatly enhance the face of the man who wears it. An impeccably cut beard literally sculpts the man’s face making his lips and eyes stand out, hiding slight imperfections and enhancing his strengths. So it is better to grow it properly; let’s find out now which style best matches your face type.

This type of face is substantially thin, and it is called this because the forehead and chin – in most cases – are stretched. If you intend to grow a thick and long beard, remember that you could run the risk of lengthening the shape of the face even more.

The perfect style in this case is that of a sparse beard, neither too cared for nor too unkempt, which grows on cheeks, sideburns and around the mouth. A sparse beard is very trendy and represents an excellent compromise to give balance to the face, characterizing it even more.

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