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Hairy arms Men How to deal with it

I have a watch on my left wrist that clashes too much with the hair that invades my arms and the back of my hand; the urgency to know how to depilate the arms by discarding traumatizing methods has pushed me to discover the beard trimmer.

I have many moles on my skin and I must be absolutely careful not to ‘touch’ them too much, but the desire to remove those hairs from my skin will take it to my grave, with or without a watch.

My hair is dark and thick, very evident. Of course, if a pop star left them as they are, they would be praised for their originality and spirit of provocation, but I am a simple employee.

A colleague often teased me in front of others saying, “Have you ever seen a gorilla wearing a watch? There he is!”. Okay, we all burst out laughing, but at the same time I swallowed a nice big toad.
Then, one fine day, I stopped thinking and went into action.

I started to thin out my arms but ‘wiping’ my skin with the beard trimmer is so fast, easy, safe and also fun that I went on to my legs and chest. The evolution took place in the middle of summer, of course.

I didn’t get rid of it because I had lost my self-esteem: all the women I know love the hairy man but, more macho and masculine, but when I decide something, I do it because it goes to me, not to indulge others.

It wouldn’t have scared me to try waxing, I can stand the pain well, but I was looking for a ‘clean’ method that would not traumatize my skin. I have moles, they are always there and they look like many eyes that warn me: “Don’t try to touch us too much or pay dearly”.

The razor (electric or, worse, manual) didn’t help me much: I cut myself regularly, I can’t perfectly measure the pressure when I pass it. Once, I risked hurting one of my moles (I almost heard the screams of terror of the wink: “Be careful, kill me, then I take revenge!”).

In summary: the traditional razor no, the waxing no, pulsed light and laser no (I don’t trust, I don’t know how my moles might react). The depilatory cream stinks and has created problems for me with ingrown hair: and then, it is chemical stuff that is not good for my moles and even for my skin.

Trimmer. It is the only chance, at least for now. I bought a Panasonic ER-GB80 beard trimmer and hair clipper, the most versatile apparently: the other models, in general, start from a minimum cutting of 2 mm, my part from half a millimeter to reach a length of 20 mm, good for my beard.

With 38 available adjustments I can cut, shorten, define with the trimmer and finish all the hairs I have, in any area of ​​the body and face. For the arms, I use the regulator comb for the body (an accessory supplied): it checks the length of the hairs, raises them to allow a precision cut and speed up the whole operation.

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