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How to stand out on every occasion?

If you too, like many other men, happened to ask yourself at least once: “How should I dress today and tomorrow?”, Then this article could be one of the most important in your life.

Today, in fact, I want to talk to you about a somewhat more general topic than usual. If you frequent this blog regularly, by now you will have noticed that every Wednesday I publish a new article, and that I usually go into a lot of specifics. 

Online is full of generic and generalist articles, all the same and all copied from one another. So I’ve always tried to distinguish myself by explaining in depth the rules of male elegance, and above all trying to make you understand the reason for my every statement.

However, I also recognize that there are broader issues that deserve more extensive discussion.

“Dressing well” is one of them. Precisely because it is a theme that embraces a myriad of other topics, and therefore needs a somewhat more general article.

I would therefore like to offer you a series of tips on how to dress well, on the meaning of the various dress codes, and on what expressions like business casual, smart casual and the like mean. Finally, I will try to give you some tips also on how to dress for a formal occasion, on how you have to dress to go to a wedding, and the like.

You’ve been invited to a wedding but you don’t know how to dress. Maybe the ceremony is during the day, in spring or summer, and you don’t know how to dress.

The answer is simple: a clear suit.

By day, and especially in summer, dark colors should be avoided. They are really ridiculous, among other things, under the July sun.

You can be creative

The Creative Black Tie is the dress code that more than any other allows you to have fun and be creative .

The only obligation that is specifically requested for this type of dress code: wear a black tie.

For the rest, play with your imagination (remembering though that it’s a formal dress code, so no jeans! Or if you know what shoes to wear with jeans you could opt for it)

Often, the Creative Black Tie dress code is associated with other thematic dress codes as in the case of the “Black Tie 1920s” or the “Texas Black Tie” where for example a man could wear a tuxedo with boots, and a woman an evening dress with a cowboy hat.

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