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Even for men the question of physical fitness is linked to aesthetics so much so that a widespread and felt need is that of how to eliminate wide hips in a man. What, in a rather colorful way, are called love handles, are a serious problem for men, not just for beauty.

The handles of love, or the accumulation of fat on the hips
The tendency to accumulate fat on the hips is widespread in men. This phenomenon is too often analyzed only from an aesthetic point of view, and less from the fundamentally more important one: that is, that relating to health. Having wide hips in a man is such a condition that promotes the risk of diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension and other diseases. For this reason it is important not to underestimate this condition and to do your best with exercises to slim your hips.

How to reduce the hips

If you are wondering how to lose a man’s hips, it is important to know that there is no single answer. There are exercises for the hips useful to dispose of the extra pounds in a man, but these are not the only solution. For this reason, nutrition and the choice of a correct and balanced lifestyle is also essential against wide hips, also useful to avoid frustrating the efforts made with sport and diet.

Sports and nutrition
It may seem repetitive, but if you want to find out how to eliminate the handles of love, you must not give in to the temptation of particular solutions: exercise and proper nutrition are and remain the best therapies for the treatment of blemishes (also in men) and for the improvement of one’s health conditions.

What to eat

The diet is, for any type of physical condition, the best weapon to prevent sub-optimal physical conditions and to keep your body in shape, even with advancing age. In the case of wide hips in men it is good to move towards a varied diet, which does not exclude anything and does not enhance or demonize this or that food. In this sense, even the so-called food trends can prove to be very deleterious, both because of the exasperations they are promoting, and because they quickly turn enthusiasm into discouragement, with all the bad consequences of the case.

A good method is to make use of a correct and complete food program, which contemplates what to eat at any time of the day without giving in to improvisation.

Exercises for wide hips
Among the remedies for wide hips, exercises are one of the most effective activities, especially if accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet. The exercises allow not only to remove a few extra pounds from the man’s belly and hips, but also to firm the abdomen and have an enviable physical shape.

Let’s then see how to lose weight on the hips by analyzing the main localized slimming exercises, that is, the one aimed at reducing fat in that area of ​​the body. The recommended physical activities are those of running and using the bicycle, to which the main cardio exercises can be added.

Simple exercises to do at home are those of step-ups, squats and those of lifting the legs. The latter exercise can be done lying on the floor (perhaps using a fitness mat) on one side or on the back (or doing both versions), lift one leg and hold it in this position for about 1-2 seconds, to repeat this movement at least 15/20 times for both legs. Similar exercise is to lift one leg in the air, always for at least 15/20 repetitions, perhaps gradually adding weights to the ankles to increase intensity.

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