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Male feet Tips and Hints

The feet not only support us and make us walk, but they are also the part of the body full of reflex points. If women are more likely to take care of them also for aesthetic reasons, male feet must be equally protected. The simplest tips are to massage them regularly and to warm them up a bit before starting to make a movement.

Unfortunately, the feet are often among the first to suffer. When we walk a lot, when we buy shoes that are too tight, when we can’t get them to breathe properly. They are also – like the hands – the extremities that cool down first.

In short, male feet (like female ones) are complex and therefore it is right that they enjoy the same benefits and the same attention as other parts of the body. The feet are always at risk of infections (such as fungi), but also of swelling in case of poor circulation.

Giving so much importance to the feet could not fail to lead also to the interest of various disciplines, starting with the oriental ones, to give maximum relaxation to those who carry us around and is made up of 26 bones that support all loads. Because the feet were the reason why we assumed an upright position and a vertical posture.

Male feet: yes to hygiene, always dry them after washing them
Male feet: yes to hygiene, always dry them after washing them


Male feet are therefore full of nervous trunks and intrinsic and extrinsic musculature. We can consider the foot a true masterpiece of engineering by mother nature.

Which, unfortunately, as mentioned, is often prey to ailments or real pathologies. For example, the hallux valgus, the big toe, various deformities of the fingers, Morton’s neuroma (chronic irritation of the interdigital nerves of the feet), plantar fasciitis, the spinal heel and sprains.

Taking care of your feet is therefore an obligation rather than a necessity. You can start by going to a professional who will take care of the curative pedicure, in case of calluses, calluses, partridge eyes and ingrown nails. In the long run, in fact, those who seem small annoyances end up fatiguing the whole body if you do not intervene in time. In the long run, we end up assuming an incorrect posture.

However, it is not necessary to take care of your feet only if there are problems. In this case, the beauty center or spa is the right one. And don’t think that only women go there. A massage will relax your feet and therefore also your psyche.

Other tips to treat male feet is to wash them with natural cleansers, remembering to dry them well, and cut the nails correctly.

Male feet: there is a natural remedy also for bad smell
Feet: there is a natural remedy also for bad smell


Male feet can be treated very well with absolutely natural remedies. Unfortunately, there are people who suffer because their feet give off a bad smell. But diet helps: eliminate white flours and yeasts (the cause in plantar reflexology is associated with dysbiosis). Pure hypothyroidism and diabetes can affect odor. If there is no pathology behind the bad smell, then home remedies are very useful: foot baths based on baking soda, vinegar, black tea, a sage or parsley based decoction. Salt can be added to the water. Another decoction that works is ginger.

If the problem is swelling in the feet, it is better to eliminate dry and salt-rich foods, to use smoothies (without milk). Or oilseeds (almonds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds). We have seen that corns and calluses can be treated by professionals, but also at home with lavender or geranium essential oils. To be applied after the foot bath. Or take a chamomile-based foot bath. It is always better to add two tablespoons of coarse salt to the hot water for the foot bath and leave the feet immersed for 20 minutes.

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