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Men hands how to have it perfectly groomed

Hands can seduce, caress, explore, play, invent. In short, they are always in the foreground and can betray our most secret personality. In fact, even the hands “speak”: just observe a political leader to understand how many nuances are communicated perhaps more with gestures than with words.

And women evaluate them carefully, even making them an erotic symbol: among the stars of cinema, Di Caprio is remembered for his clear gaze,

Rupert Everett for his dark charm, Nicholas Cage for his tender air. But the long and sensual hands of Jeremy Irons also breach the hearts of the spectators. Rightly, therefore, men today take more care of them: a good manicure is now a normal practice as a haircut, and putting on a cream to soften a daily gesture (as long as it does not grease: everyone has a horror of sticky things, but the most are absorbed immediately).

Fortunately: because the skin of the hands ages five times more than that of the face, ten times more than the body. The remedy is to defend them as much as possible by protecting them from aggression, because it is an area of ​​the body poor in sebaceous glands, therefore more dehydrated. That’s why it’s important to use some precautions and resort to specific hand care products.

Do not wash them with too hot or too cold water, and be careful that the detergents are not overly aggressive: they must clean, but not crack the skin.

Before going out, pass a thin layer of hand cream on the back and around the nails, choosing a light product, with a moisturizing factor and sunscreen, which also serves to treat chapped hands.

If your hands turn red with the cold, make a habit of not leaving the house without gloves.

However, wear gloves when doing domestic tasks or “do it yourself” jobs, and choose the ones that best suit the type of task you are facing.

For gardening, for example, they must be soft on the palm and possibly reinforced on the back.
When the first dark spots appear on the backs of the hands (an inevitable phenomenon over the years) use a specific anti-aging men cream product to be spread regularly every evening.

But also remember the natural remedies: the inside of the lemon peel bleaches the skin. It does not eliminate the spots of senile keratosis, but completely removes those left by some types of fruit or artichokes and is a very effective tonic for nails.

For nicotine stains, so unsightly, a very frequent use is needed, insisting on the yellowed points.

Last but not least, the problem of odors. With the hands you work, then they come into contact with substances that leave pleasant olfactory traces. For example, after a dinner with spaghetti with garlic and oil, rub them with fresh parsley leaves.

Alternatively, after drinking the coffee, recover the funds and rub them on the back and palms, before washing your hands.

Of course, avoid eating them: broken, often cut nails, as well as being horrible to look at, betray an insecure personality.

Finally, remember that the nails are the mirror of our body (by their color or state you can understand the health of an individual), for this a massage at the ends is invigorating for the whole body. By self-massaging your hands, and in particular your fingers, where tensions build up, you get a pleasant sense of tranquility.

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