Concealer Are Useful For Men Too

There are many ways to conceal the effects of a hangover. A concealer is one of them although it will not remedy your headache, at least, it will conceal your face and hide the effects of a hangover from your boss, your loved one, or your friends.

You need a concealer, basically, to conceal your facial imperfections and it is a makeup product meant for coverage.

Although, you only use it as the need arise which means it is not useful for everyday use, unlike other makeup products.

You need to use it whenever you are attending a special event after a hangover so that people will not notice your eyes surround by bulbous and purple dark circles.

The recommended color for a concealer for men is orange since it is a complementary color of blue and purple. The color of your eyes when you have a hangover is bluish or have a tint of purple since orange is the opposite of blue in the color wheel, this is the best choice for covering any discoloration.

This is especially true when you talk about makeup. Any discoloration can be covered with its opposite color.

Men do not need to look for an expensive concealer, just as long as it is the right shade for your skin tone, the right place will come in next.

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Concealers also cover acne, dark circles, dry skin, oily skin, and wrinkles as well with just a few swipes on the problem areas.

You can find a serum corrector with wand applicator that has a formulated ingredient to match the skin tone of most men and also counteract the dark circles that most men experience during a hangover.

There is also a matte concealer to cover the zit on your face. There is also a pen pack masculine concealer which you can use after going to the gym and apply on your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, around your eyes, and zits if you have these.

There are many famous actors who are not afraid of using concealers including “Get Out” actor Daniel Kaluuya, Luka Sabbat, and George Clooney. Chanel which is a famous brand also had its first makeup line exclusive for man which is called “Boy”

So how do you choose your concealer shade? For a dark-shadowed man, you need to choose a lighter shade than your predominant skin tone especially if you want to lighten your dark skin. How do you do this? Choose the best shade that matches the color of your skin by looking at the inside of your arm.

Blending two shades, a lighter shade and a shade closer to the color of your actual skin tone is recommended for those men with darker or uneven skin tone. While those with a specific skin condition or skins that look darker in the summer may need to have more than one shade.

A deep, bronze, light, medium, olive, and sand shades of concealers are universal shades that can match every skin tone. They can be blended together or they can be used alone.

How do you apply your chosen concealer? You need to apply it after washing your face using face wash and moisturizer. Use your ring finger to apply lightly on the part that you want to conceal.

Apply it gently and do not rub.

Dab it gently starting at the darker areas first and finishing gently and delicately with a slightly dampened makeup sponge. Just make sure to blend it properly with your skin tone.

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