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Tips for perfect hands

Although the hands of a man have always been admired by women, the man has been disinterested in hand care. Fortunately in a society where man begins to worry about himself by taking better care of his appearance and body, man’s manicure begins to get the importance it deserves. After all, well-groomed and perfect hands are always a good business card and often turn out to be a weapon of seduction.

The man manicure is much simpler than you think, for this reason we have thought of writing an article that shows you all the useful steps to make a perfect man manicure by revealing some tricks that could prove important.

When to do the man manicure

Taking care of the hands means dedicating the right attention and the right time to him. Therefore, man’s manicure or hand care must not be a sporadic event, but must take place regularly. We would like to clarify that the first time you will do the manicure it will certainly take some time, but practicing it once a week will take you a few minutes.

Manicure man: what you absolutely must not do

Before pointing out the useful steps for a perfect man manicure, we want to highlight that if you tend to eat the nails you must first try not to do it. Many men give up having perfect hands and doing manicures because they eat nails. Eating your nails as well as making your hands look poorly groomed and aesthetically ugly, can lead to various irritations and infections of the nails that sometimes need specific remedies.

Nothing more wrong, in short! It is possible to stop biting your nails, acquiring goodwill, tenacity and adopting the tricks that we have shown you in this article: Nail Biting: How to Stop! Follow our advice to the letter and in no time you will have perfect nails that you can take care of.

How to do the DIY man manicure
So let’s get to explain you how to do the manicure. Are you ready? Let’s begin! It is much more simple than you think.

Wash your hands
The first thing you need to do is wash your hands or keep them soaking. Actually you have two possibilities:

Prepare a small bowl with tipieda water and keep your hands soaking for about five minutes;
Just take a hot shower, and get ready for a DIY man manicure.

Do not cut the cuticles
Many think that the cuticles are to be cut, in reality it is absolutely not like that! Do not, therefore, make the mistake of cutting the cuticles, you would do nothing but encourage the appearance of irritation and the development of cuticles that could cause pain. The cuticles are not cut! On the contrary, soften the nails using oil and with an orange wood stick, gently push them towards the nail attachment.

man manicure

Don’t cut your nails
Another mistake you shouldn’t make is to cut man nails. We explain better! The manicured nails of a man must not have a white arch, i.e. their length must reach the height of the fingers. The nail clipper would surely help to shorten the nails, but they would still be irregular and would not be well delineated.

man manicure

File your nails with the buffer

After explaining how to manage the cuticles and why not cut the nails we can finally explain how and why to use the manicure buffer. The buffer is a slightly spongy white parallelepiped that will help you file your nails. Very easy and practical to use, with the buffer you can smooth the surface of the nails and file them. Remember not to rub your nails quickly and forcefully, but gently and paying attention to the type of nail length you want, so as not to damage the nails.

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